Hands On Marine’s experience extends from coastal and offshore vessels to inland waterways craft; from outboard motors to inboard diesel and petrol engines: stern drives, shaft drives and hydraulic drives. They are experienced in steel, GRP, wood and aluminium construction methods and the problems and difficulties associated with each material.

All survey work is conducted under the codes of practice issued by the IIMS (International Institute of Marine Surveying) CBA (Canal Boatbuilders Association) BMF (British Marine Federation) and appropriate BS/ISO/EN standards and harmonised codes.

They are fully qualified marine engineers and use state of the art equipment in Their work from sophisticated ultrasonics used on steel and aluminium hull surveys to highly sensitive milli-ammeters used to measure very small currents when carrying out corrosion surveys. All instruments are calibrated in accordance with manufacturer’s instructions.

All reports, surveys and documentation can be supplied in hard copy, digitally by email or disk/memory stick or a combination of both.

We are happy to supply references from our satisfied customers. Our pricing remains keen and competitive but our service and product is second to none.